What Makes Us Different?

Quantapoint’s customers trust us to help them meet their goals. For most of the 20th Century there was saying in the IT industry that “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM” and this is the reputation to which Quantapoint aspires and strives for everyday. It means we are focused on creating value and project success. So, our capability in developing and commercializing technology is an enabler, but it’s Quantapoint’s skill and dedication in helping our customers meet the challenges of safely doing more with less in complex industrial environments that is our difference. Quantapoint’s customers trust our people to help make them successful because our culture and expertise are focused on this alone.

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Quantapoint is a services and solution company. At the heart of Quantapoint’s solutions is our patented 3D laser scanning technology, work process and 3D deliverable, the Digital Facility. These technologies and services are used to accurately capture and render in 3D the existing conditions of any facility. They can be used directly within any CAD system to verify and validate the existing conditions of physical asset, eliminating uncertainty about the state of the asset and enabling better informed decision making.

When combined with the proper work processes and strong partnership with the facility owner, the Digital Facility reduces dimensional uncertainty in all aspects of engineering design, procurement, fabrication and construction. It is how we capture, deliver and use critical as-built documentation that drives capital efficiency for our clients.

Process: Quantapoint’s field data collection process helps to ensure that the required information is captured quickly, efficiently and safely. This process reduces the risk of field issues that can result in blind spots, missed scope, and data misalignment. Our capture processes are driven by engineering intent. The quality of the laser models is directly dependent on the spatial resolution and completeness of the laser data collected in the field.

Product: Quantapoint’s deliverable is called a Digital Facility. It is a 3D rendering of the raw scan data; it is compact, easy to use and works within CAD environments. It is composed of high-resolution Laser Images and high-definition Laser Models.

Practice: Quantapoint also provides laser scanning, analysis, quality assurance and other services to eliminate preventable defects from projects and enables companies with laser scan hardware that supports open formats to create a Digital Facility from point clouds. Our services take many forms but all revolve around increasing efficiency of capital spend on physical assets. Because our deliverable is…