Egyptian tombs KV14 and KV5

Supporting world heritage preservation

The Valley of the Kings located near modern day Luxor is the site of the largest single repository of Egyptian royal tombs. This World Heritage site draws tens of thousands of visitors every year to the deserts of middle Egypt in order to experience the wonder of these magnificent achievements.

The Theban Mapping Project, led by Dr. Kent Weeks, has spent decades meticulously documenting the valley and its contents and is actively involved in ways to preserve the tombs from modern damage due to over visitation and site development. With the advent of the internet, Dr. Weeks and his staff have begun providing interactive content which enables the Valley of the Kings to be explored virtually without any disturbance of the site.

Quantapoint participated in the Theban Mapping Project’s first attempt at developing an interactive 3D virtual tomb tour by digitizing the tombs KV14 and KV5 in September of 2001. Quantapoint personnel helped to assemble a geometric model of the tomb interior upon which were layered laser intensity data and high resolution color maps from photography.

This early work showed the capabilities of 3D data capture for historic preservation and helped lead the way for the current large scale use of digital data capture technology at preservation sites around the world.

The virtual tour of KV14 can be viewed at: