EPC Saves Time and Money during Power Plant Clean Air Project

Value Drivers: Retrofit, Major Modifications


A major EPC Company was contracted to retrofit a clean air project for two fossil-fueled power stations owned by a power company based in the Southeastern region of the United States.  The modifications on these two multi-unit power stations were required to meet sulfur dioxide emission reduction requirements. One of the stations has the capacity to produce 2500 megawatts, while the smaller station’s capacity is 400 megawatts.


As the prime engineering contractor, the EPC considered several options for securing accurate dimensional data for equipment and available space within the plant envelope.  The selected method was required to provide data to accurately meet the ultimate objective of designing and constructing new duct systems, new structural support systems, electrical raceway systems, mechanical systems, and tie-ins to existing plant equipment at each station.

“As-built data to support the configuration of these two power plants wasn’t available to us.  We considered traditional methods such as manually collecting the data and reviewing existing engineering drawings, but both of those options would have been time-consuming and subject to error”,  said the engineering manager for these clean air projects.


The Manager of Engineering for the EPC chose Quantapoint to digitize the existing equipment, and the plant areas, including the economizer section and air pre-heater and the precipitator areas of the generating units at the two stations.  Quantapoint team members captured data internally and externally in the plant structures safely even in congested and elevated areas where access was nearly impossible.


Quantapoint delivered the Digital Facility data within one month from the time the EPC authorized the company to proceed with the projects.  Quantapoint’s two man teams spent two weeks in the field capturing data for each station versus the estimated three months per power generating station it would have taken for multiple teams to research existing documentation and field verify measurements manually using traditional field survey procedures.

According to one manager of the project, Quantapoint’s laser scanning solutions helped the EPC team design new systems and structures integrated into the customer’s existing power plant, minimizing obstructions or project delays.

“Quantapoint enabled us to deliver an ‘interference free’ design and allowed us to keep our overall project on schedule. Quantapoint delivered a high quality, highly accurate product that offered excellent viewing and data manipulation capabilities between its PRISM software and our existing Intergraph PDS software packages.”

EPC Saves Time and Money (PDF)