Intra-Plant Pipeline Corridor (IPC) Project

Value Drivers: FEED


A major Nigerian oil company and the Nigerian national Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) were joint venture partners for the Intra-Plant Pipeline Corridor project. The IPC project scope included installing pipelines from a Dehydration Terminal to a Gas Plant, a distance of approximately 10,000 linear feet. The pipelines transport water, potable water, sanitary wastewater and natural gas.


Meeting the schedule for the front-end engineering design (FEED) was critical for the oil company, but the documentation of existing conditions did not reflect actual field conditions. Additionally, the pipeline route was dense and difficult to access in areas, making traditional survey difficult or impossible.


The two partners selected Quantapoint to capture accurate existing condition information for FEED. Quantapoint rapidly collected, registered and verified billions of highly accurate measurements to provide a visually clear and up-to-date Digital Facility of 3D laser documentation that included dimensions, elevations, layout and other information – without manual measurement, purchasing costly hardware or time-consuming drawing re-creation or remodeling.


Quantapoint was able to digitize the 10,000 linear foot pipeline corridor from the dehydration plant to the gas plant in 26 days using two crews of two field specialists. Quantapoint used the digitized plant to create detailed and accurate 2D drawings and 3D AutoCAD models without any additional field trips. All work was performed by Nigerian personnel.

Intra-Plant Pipeline Corridor (IPC) Project  (PDF)