Major Owner Operator Finds Value in 3D Data


Value Drivers: Clash Detection, Dimensional Control, Elimination of Project Defects


A major offshore owner-operator was being driven by a Nigerian government mandate that requires all oil producing companies to stop flaring natural gas with the goal of capturing, processing, and optimizing gas resources. The scope involved modification and tie-ins to support two new gas gathering and compression platforms and wellheads.


The piping and structural design were completed in Bentley Auto PLANT without accurate existing condition documentation. The offshore owner-operator was concerned that this may result in significant construction rework and hot work, which would negatively impact the project schedule and planned expenses.


The offshore owner-operator asked Quantapoint to re-engineer the designs to ensure they were interference free. Quantapoint applied their common work practice and digitized the facility; providing billions of highly accurate measurements that provided current as built documentation for the client. This was done without manual measurement, the purchasing of costly hardware, or time-consuming remodeling. The final product delivered was a Quantapoint Digital Facility which included both Laser Images (photo-realistic, panoramic images of laser scans from individual scan locations) and Laser Models (detailed, high definition solid “models” from integrating all laser data).


The Laser Models of the facility were 3D, visually clear, and included fine details. They provided an interactive 3D view of the platform using Quantapoint’s PRISM 3D software. The original Bentley AutoPLANT design models were imported into PRISM 3D and provided clash detection against the as-built Laser Model. A number of design errors and clashes were identified on both platforms. Overall, Quantapoint was a driving factor in keeping the project alive by providing a cost efficient solution. Not only was the client able to salvage the project and objectives but they were able to do it quickly, accurately, and within budget.

Major Offshore Owner – Case Study (PDF)