Major Oil Company Pipe Rack Upgrades

Value Drivers: Major Modification, Harsh Conditions

SituationMajor Oil Company Pipe Rack Upgrades

A major oil company was modifying a highly congested pipe rack as part of an upgrade in a refinery and chemical plant.  There was a significant concern that there was not enough room for new pipes.  Additionally, due to the project schedule, field data collection would be required late in the year when temperatures would regularly reach -20°F.


The company faced a number of challenges, not the least of which was the lack of current as-built documentation for the pipe rack.  In the past, the existing condition information had been manually gathered, requiring significant field time and risky climbs through the pipe rack itself.  The cold weather and icy conditions would make this especially treacherous.

Additionally, once the information was gathered it had to be manually remodeled into

CAD before the new designs could begin, which was also time-consuming, error-prone and typically required additional field trips.


Quantapoint “digitized” the pipe rack in significantly less time than traditional techniques, reducing the schedule and the risk of having personnel in the pipe rack.  The result was a Digital Facility consisting of both Laser Images and detailed, high-definition solid Laser Models.

The Laser Images and Laser Models were accessible both directly on user’s desktops using PRISM 3D™ and within Intergraph PDS using QuantaCAD™ for virtual site visits, measurements, clash-free designs and construction planning.

Major Oil Company Pipe Rack Upgrades1Results

The project was completed on time and within budget. By utilizing Quantapoint’s solutions the client was able to quickly and accurately model the new pipe rack. This helped minimize field trips in harsh conditions and allowed the team to make a quick turnaround on the project. Overall, safety, planning, and execution were more efficient.



Major Oil Company Pipe Rack Upgrades (PDF)