Major Oil Company Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Project

Value Drivers: Detailed Design, Major Modifications


Large Oil Company is modifying several of its facilities in order to comply with Low Sulfur Diesel requirements.  The project involves significant modifications to several operating units at numerous refineries.  Three refineries located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Louisiana will be impacted.


Common to each facility was a lack of accurate documentation of current existing conditions. The goal was to select a work process that provided a highly accurate and detailed 3D model in a fraction of the time required by manual methods, traditional surveying techniques or competing technologies.


Quantapoint was selected to provide digitizing solutions to generate the 3D models needed to achieve design and construction goals.  Our Digital Facility was used for preliminary and engineering design.


A few unique aspects about Quantapoint’s contributions to this project include the following:

  • Scanned over 1000 feet of three-level piperack at one refinery generating over 400 – 360 degree scans
  • Performed digitizing of assets during FEL in support of preliminary engineering activities.
  • Data was sent to low-cost engineering centers for detailed engineering design

 Major Oil Company Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Project  (PDF)