Petroleum Clean Fuels Project

Value Drivers: Capital Project, Turnaround, Detailed Design


Major modifications were required at a 220,000 BPD refinery to comply with clean fuels regulations.


The refinery dated to the turn of the century where current existing condition documentation was inaccurate, incomplete, missing or non-existent.


Quantapoint’s digitizing solution and work process was selected to generate the 3D model for portions of the existing refinery.  Our scope of work required that digitizing be completed throughout the refinery; from at-grade to scans on top of the RCC and FCC units (over 250 feet above grade).  Some of the unique aspects to this project included the following:


Some of the unique aspects of this project and benefits received included the following:

  • Client estimated it would take five months to generate existing conditions documentation
    • Quantapoint finished in just 22 days
    • There were major cost benefits realized vs. the cost of collecting the data manually
  • Lead piping engineer never visited site
    • Design team trusted the accuracy of the Quantapoint data
  • Detailed engineering design executed using an offshore engineering center
    • Quantapoint data was shared to India to support this effort
  • Almost 500 piping tie-ins hot-linked to images
    • Temperature of pipe recorded by using infrared camera and linking to database
  • Volume digitized was approximately 5,000,000 cubic feet
    • Data network with average resolution of 3mm

Petroleum Clean Fuels Project  (PDF)