Quantapoint Helps Document a Historical Site

Value Drivers: Historical Site, Modifications

SituationCAD Model

The Carrie Blast Furnace, a former industrial site, was being converted to a museum in which the existing site equipment and features were to be an integral part.  This required accurate information for the existing building and equipment layouts.


No existing condition documentation was available and creating it in a CAD model would have been a time-consuming and costly process.


Quantapoint created accurate existing condition (or “as-built”) documentation by digitizing the site in its entirety. At the core  Quantapoint delivers integrated service solutions comprising equipment, software, and workflows which apply 3D Digital Facility modeling technology to engineering, maintenance, and compliance business processes. We help facility owner/operators improve capital efficiency by reducing dimensional uncert

ainty while improving communication among project team members.

CAD Model2Results

The digitized building provided a dimensionally accurate representation of the building on the desktop that can be used to create various 2D drawings, such as Floor Plans, Exterior and Interior Elevations, Reflected ceiling
Plans, Roof Plans, Building Sections and more.  The result is reduced costs, optimized schedules, increased quality and improved safety.  In less than three weeks, Quantapoint gathered captured the required data and created a 3D digital model for the entire facility for planning purposes that included features such as building locations, piping, equipment, reactors, vessels and structural steel.


Quantapoint Helps Document a Historical Site (PDF)