Refining Client Derives Value during Modification

Value Drivers: Demolition, Detailed Design, Turnaround Support

SituationRefining Client Derives Value

A leading refiner in Louisiana discovered corrosion on the bottom portion of a distillation column.

It was proposed that a forty foot section of the column be removed and replaced by a newly fabricated section.  The client required that the existing section be demolished and the new section added over a weekend shut-down.


The company faced a number of challenges, not the least of which was the lack of current as-built documentation for the area.  In the past, the existing condition information had been manually gathered, requiring a significant amount of field; the c project required a quick turnaround.


Quantapoint‘s scope of work included digitizing the existing column to generate 3D data; creating sections through the scanned data to locate nozzle and clip orientations and elevations.  The contractor used this information to fabricate the new column.  The partial image shown below is one of almost twenty 3D laser images generated by Quantapoint.  Quantapoint designers then completed the nozzle and clip orientation/elevation drawing on AutoCAD.


Quantapoint solutions allowed the client to model the new equipment and ensure exact fit before fabricating and taking it to the field; eliminating any rework, allowing the project team to pre-plan for installation and to make necessary modifications in the field before bringing the new equipment in.  All of this work was performed safely from the desktop.   The result was first time fit up within a tight project schedule and under budget.

Refining Client Derives Value (PDF)