Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Project

Value Drivers: Detailed Design, Construction



A large oil company was required to modify several of its US refineries in order to comply with Low Sulfur Diesel requirements.  The project involved significant modifications to several operating units at five refineries located in Washington, Texas and Louisiana.


Common to each facility was a lack of accurate and current documentation of existing conditions.  The goal was to select a work process that provided a highly accurate and detailed 3D model in a fraction of the time required by traditional surveying techniques.  It was further required that 3D data capture would generate a model that would not require a costly and time-consuming re-modeling effort.


Quantapoint was selected to provide digitizing solutions that would generate the data needed to achieve engineering design and construction goals.  Our Digital Facility was used for preliminary and detailed engineering design.


Unique aspects of Quantapoint’s contributions to this project include the following:

  • Quantapoint performed laser scanning at five refineries located throughout the United States.
  • A total of eight operating units were scanned in their entirety.  Quantapoint’s scope of work included Hydrotreater Units, Gas-Oil Hydrotreater Units, Diesel Hydrotreater Units, Pipe Racks, and Tie Points
  • Captured almost 1000 highly accurate laser images and completed 3D documentation of the facility in a fraction of the time required by traditional surveying methods.
  • Required approximately one to two weeks of fieldwork at each refinery to collect data.
  • The Quantapoint Digital Facilities (3D laser models and laser images) were issued within two weeks after completion of field work.
  • The visual clarity of the Digital Facilities enabled detailed engineering design to be executed in low-cost engineering centers.

 Ultra-Low Sulfer Diesel Project (PDF)