Major Utility uses Digital Facility to Improve CFD Model Integrity for GSI-191


In response to NRC Generic Safety Issue 191, Assessment of Debris Accumulation on the Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) Sump Performance, a major southern based Utility developed a 3D CAD model of their containment for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) testing. The model will be used to accurately simulate debris accumulation based on varying event scenarios.


It was critical that the model be as accurate as possible to ensure the integrity of the project. The initial model was developed solely from existing plant drawings and the Utility was concerned that grating, conduit and other features would not be accurate if based on 2D drawings alone.


Quantapoint had previously digitized both PWR units in preparation for pipe insulation replacement resulting from GSI-191. The Utility’s project management team requested that Quantapoint evaluate the 3D CAD model versus the true plant conditions captured earlier.

Using QuantaCAD, Quantapoint’s CAD Integration Tool, Quantapoint was able to quickly overlay the 3D CAD model with the Digital Facility. Once combined, all parties including the Utility, CAD vendor and Quantapoint were able to perform virtual walkthroughs of the plant from 3 different locations never having to visit the site. Missing components, sizing and geometric errors were quickly identified and resolved.


The resulting final model was a much more accurate representation of the existing facility then anything that could be developed from drawings and traditional measurements. The enhanced accuracy assured the Utility that they could achieve their CFD project goals.

Investment Quickly Validated

“The reporting was better than I expected…I was able to confirm the drain paths from the refueling canal, and along the side of the containment wall.” – Project Manager

Major Utility Utilizes Digital Facility for GSI-191 (PDF)