Nigerian Offshore Asset Owner Saves 38% of Budget Time and Money on $70MM Project


A Nigerian offshore asset owner developed an upgrade program for pigging facilities on their production platforms. MPN Facility2


Challenge 1: Most shallow water facilities are very old, this one in particular was over 40 years old and it lacked any existing condition documentation. The challenge was to design new pigging facilities and tie them in properly to the existing facility.

Challenge 2: Another issue was that most Nigerian fabricators have poor quality record with reject ratio getting up to the 40-70% range, so proper spool design does not guarantee that the constructed spools are going to fit.

MPN FacilitySolution

Challenge 1 Solution: Quantapoint digitized part of the platform around the pigging facilities and created a Digital Facility model of the existing pigging facilities and the surrounding area.  The new designs were tied in to the Digital Facility and checked for interference (clashes). All problems were corrected and appropriate lines and spools were designed to fit perfectly in new Pigging Facility.

Challenge 2 Solution:  Quantapoint digitized each of the fabricated spools, created a digital copy (Digital Facility) of each of them and then compared it to the spool design. All problems, and there were many of them, were corrected and all spools were shipped to the owners offshore facility.


As per client’s testimonial, “all spools fit perfectly, saving us as much as 38% of the budgeted time and money on a project valued between 50 and 70 million US Dollars.”