Quantapoint Digital Facility: A Shared Operating Model during Turnarounds

Quantapoint has partnered with a major oil company refinery in California to help increase efficiency and drive down cost during replacement-in-kind turnaround projects. The digital solutions, construction drawings, and fabrication verification services that Quantapoint is providing have enabled a dynamic collaboration amongst all major stakeholders by providing a shared operating model for all team members to view, measure, and perform turnaround planning using Quantapoint’s Digital Facility. Below is a brief summary of steps Quantapoint has taken in providing a substantial cost savings during the project.

Step 1: Quantapoint is using various data capture technologies to build a 3D Digital Facility of the existing plant. This as-built information is accurate within a 3mm tolerance, giving the end-user engineering-quality data from which they can view, measure, and tag important assets.

Step 2: Quantapoint’s CAD team then creates accurate drawings of the existing facility using the as-built information that was captured in the field. This is done using Quantapoint’s CAD plug-in tool QuantaCAD and Autodesk’s AutoCAD program. This process allows construction drawings to be provided to the fabrication companies, giving them accurate information on how they should build the new spools.

Step 3: Quantapoint provides all stakeholders access to PRISM 3D software which allows every team member across all disciplines the ability to view, measure, and tag assets using the as-built 3D data that Quantapoint captured. This provides a shared operating model for engineers, planners, schedulers, fabricators, and installation contractors during the project.

Step 4: In addition to steps 1-3, Quantapoint is aiding the client during constructability reviews by enabling the project personnel to collaborate in planning how to remove current pipe and replace it with new pipe. This is done by showing, in the Digital Facility, potential interferences during the planning stage, allowing the client to develop strategies for removal and installation the first time and with minimal if any field re-work.

Step 5: The final step in Quantapoint’s turnaround support process is Fabrication Verification to verify that the fabricated spools and equipment will fit up in the plant the first time. This is done by digitizing the fabricated equipment and/or spools and comparing each one to the pertinent construction drawing. Fabrication errors are detected and corrected at the fab yard so that spools delivered to the plant fit up the first time with no rework.

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