Quantapoint’s Digital Facility™ Dramatically Reduces Unplanned Downtime

Recently, a global petrochemical leader suffered a loss of equipment in the field due to an unplanned event. Because a Digital Facility™ was on file, Quantapoint was able to create new, as-built drawings within hours. Re-fabrication could begin immediately. Operations were quickly restored with losses severely minimized.

Every day, major industrials are discovering new benefits to the creation and continued reuse of a Digital Facility™. Whether it is new engineering, construction planning, revamp, turnaround management, maintenance, emergency repairs/response or inspection, having a tagged Digital Facility™ on file is saving industry time and money while improving safety performance.

Quantapoint leads the industry in delivering integrated service solutions – solutions that comprise equipment, software, and workflows which apply 3D Digital Facility™ modeling technology to engineering, maintenance, and compliance business processes. We help facility owner/operators improve capital efficiency by reducing dimensional uncertainty while enabling concise communication among project team members.