Quantapoint Technology Delivers… and delivers again!

PipeWhen a major oil and gas company recently engaged Quantapoint to support a critical equipment modification project, the value of digital imaging was quickly recognized and the project scope expanded to include fabrication verification. Using High Fidelity Digital Imaging, critical specifications such as flange center, bolt rotation, design length and flange skew can be readily confirmed. Spools, valves, fittings and gaskets are digitally checked to ensure precise fit within assembly tolerances. Bryant Hendricks, Director of Business Development- Gulf Coast, explains why this is one of Quantapoint’s key value drivers: “Our fabrication verification report clearly identified the fit-up errors for our client’s critical equipment at the offsite fabrication shop. It pinpointed where and how to make corrections and ensured a first time fit-up upon arrival at the plant installation site. This had an enormous impact on cost savings and critical path schedule.”

Major industrials are increasingly incorporating Quantapoint technology throughout their project’s lifecycle to ensure on-time, on-budget, and safely executed projects. To learn more about fabrication verification or other Quantapoint offerings, contact us at info@quantapoint.com.