Quantapoint’s Customers Go Deeper, Enabled by Digital Imaging Technology

Tight deadlines in tight spaces? Not a problem for Quantapoint’s crew. Having received an urgent request from a subsea services company to digitize the interior of a semi-submersible, Quantapoint put an expert crew on board the Gulf of Mexico vessel within 48 hours. Less than 24 hours after going aboard, the digitization of the commercial vessel was complete and a 3D laser model rendered.

The job scope: Quickly map the vessel for design modifications to accommodate new Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). Approximately 24 hours after scanning was complete, Quantapoint produced a 3D digital model that would allow critical interior design modifications within the required dimensional accuracy of 3mm. “Designing with this type of accuracy is invaluable to our clients,” explains Nick Peterson, Quantapoint’s Gulf Coast Support Technician. “It will enable new ROVs and their umbilicals to fit seamlessly into the moon pools and facilitate the routing of new cables to the various control rooms with total confidence.”

Reed Billingsley, ROV Installation Superintendent, adds, “People talk about things being the next best thing to being there but this technology is actually better than being there – better, because you can go back to a 3D model any time, over and over, and see all the small details that you may have missed the first time around. Operational personnel generally walk through a space one time, so having a 3D digital model certainly allows personnel to gain a clearer, more in-depth understanding of the structure.”

Every day major industries are profiting from new and creative uses of Quantapoint’s digital imaging expertise. From digitizing the tight quarters of a high-tech semi-submersible to retrofits of world-scale, land-based facilities in remote or hazardous locations, Quantapoint technology and our team of experts are creating previously unrealized value, giving customers a competitive advantage by leveraging the technology for use in new applications. For more innovative ideas, contact us at info@quantapoint.com.