Since its inception, Quantapoint has adopted a philosophy of interoperability and has ensured that all the various components of its solution are compatible with the most commonly used systems, elements and standards in the industries that it serves. This philosophy enables customers to customize their own unique solutions which often comprise elements from many vendors.

Quantapoint believes that interoperability between data collection hardware and data analysis software is extremely important to spur the adoption of Digital Facility technology. Towards this end our software and work processes have been designed to integrate with most commonly used 3D laser scanner hardware and 3D design software.

Data Standards
User’s of Quantapoint’s technology can create the Digital Facility format from almost any popular 3D laser scanner using one of the following formats:

  • E57 – XML data exchange format developed by ASTM Committee E57
  • LAS – Binary data exchange format developed by the ASPRS
  • PTS – Open ASCII format for XYZ point cloud data
  • PTG – Leica format for binary scan data
  • PTX – Leica format for registered point cloud data
  • FLS – Faro format for binary scan data
  • FLW – Faro format for registered scan data

For users of alternative processing software (such as LFM, Cloudworx, Kubit and others) who want to employ Quantapoint data collection expertise, we can provide registered project data using Quantapoint’s patented work processes and registration technology in the appropriate point cloud format.

Software Integration
Our native Digital Facility format can be used directly in most 3D design software through the QuantaCAD plug-in. QuantaCAD provides seamless integration across multiple software platforms using a common interface to the data across the set of all supported 3D design software. QuantaCAD includes support for:

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Revit (Architectural, Structural, MEP)
Navisworks (Review, Manage, Simulate)

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Microstation (J, XM)

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AVEVA Review

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