Our focus in the architecture market includes large complex facilities, historical and preservation projects, institutional buildings, schools, and government buildings. Quantapoint maintains a large dedicated in-house modeling, drafting, and project management staff. Our staff contains some of the best architectural draftsmen and decorative detailing professionals in the industry. We are trusted by some of the most demanding facility owners in the world to produce high quality results in a safe, efficient manner while respecting their facility regulations, rules, and sensitivities.

We have worked not only on such historical properties as Monticello, the Guggenheim, the Smithsonian Castle, the US Capitol, the Renwick Museum and Wrigley Field, but have also managed large documentation projects such as the Northgate Mall in San Francisco and the entire University of Richmond Campus.

Quantapoint offers specific added value services which can address the issues and uncertainties that architects and building engineers face:

Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Quantapoint is an industry recognized leader in as-built BIM model development. Our unique technology and work processes have overcome the challenges associated with building BIM models of existing structures. Quantapoint’s experience ranges from simple architectural structures to multi-million square feet MEP models.

Software Solutions
Quantapoint was one of the first companies to integrate laser data directly with Revit. QuantaCAD for Revit provides the user the ability to auto-generate walls, floors, ceilings and other architectural components directly from the laser scan. Back projection of the Revit model onto the laser data ensures model fidelity.

Construction Planning
Quantapoint utilizes our laser scanning technology to quickly capture and report on construction progress and quality. Documenting footing locations, anchor points and other critical features before rework is required saves both time and money.

2D As-Built Documentation
Quantapoint has generated thousands of 2D CAD drawings including exterior elevations, floor plans, building sections, reflected ceiling plans and others. 2D drawings can be developed directly from the laser data or from a BIM model developed by Quantapoint.