Engineering, procurement & construction (EPC) firms are facing ever increasing global competition in a marketplace that demands fast turnaround times and operational excellence. Quantapoint’s Digital Facility software and work processes help EPC’s to provide a competitive edge by performing traditional engineering functions more efficiently with decreased uncertainty.

During a typical project, use of a Digital Facility to aid design results in the elimination of design clashes and field fit welds, reduction of field trips, improved communications with the plant operators, and more time in the budget for engineering design activities.

Quantapoint’s recommended process for performing engineering with the Digital Facility does not require remodeling the raw data into CAD models. We advocate and provide tools to support use of the Digital Facility data directly in the 3D design package as a real facility background to enable fast line routing, interactive clash detection, and complete certainty that nothing has been missed or placed incorrectly due to human error.

EPC’s typically gain value using the Digital Facility in the following areas:

Clash Detection
Designs can be clashed interactively against the actual facility conditions through use of the software plug-ins available for all of the major 3D design packages.

Tie Point Certification
The location of tie points can be established to fabrication tolerances using the Digital Facility as supplied by Quantapoint. Extraction of these locations can be performed using Quantapoint software or can be contracted to Quantapoint as a service.

Construction Planning and Visualization
Many engineering designs have required rework very late into detailed design or even while in construction due to plant operators’ objection over equipment or valve placements or for other operational considerations. The Digital Facility enables visualization of new designs overlaid on the existing facility so that all stakeholders can clearly understand how the finish plant additions will interact with the current plant.

Fabrication Verification
Often the EPC has responsibility for fabrication and construction activities and may be under a fixed price contract to deliver the entire project. Fabrication errors can significantly impact the profitability of any project and can cast doubt on the validity of engineering designs.

Quantapoint provides a fabrication verification service using the Digital Facility technology along with specialized work processes to ensure that fabricated items match the design intent. This process drives down construction rework while providing recordation that the errors occurred outside engineering design.

Field Fit-Up
The Digital Facility is supplied with a spatial resolution of no worse than 3mm. This allows dimensions to be established that are within fabrication tolerances. Quantapoint clients routinely design spools flange to flange without field fit up allowances. This saves their clients significant capital for construction, reduces construction schedules, and provides a competitive edge over other EPC firms who cannot deliver the same capability.