Power Generation

Both Fossil and Nuclear Operators face many challenges during an outage to accomplish hundreds of tasks within critical schedule, budget, safety and ALARA constraints. A comprehensive digital version of the facility can be created in vivid color and detail using Quantapoint’s 3D laser scanning technology. In a short period of time, a small team of experienced technicians will utilize the latest technology to capture a digital version of the facility in high resolution and accuracy without impacting outage schedule or plant operations. Once captured, the Digital Facility is always accessible from your desktop. The Digital Facility is easy to use, updateable and integrates into existing IT and CAD systems.

The Digital Facility can be used by engineering, planning, and project management to improve outage performance and operational efficiency. Safety and ALARA can be improved on both routine maintenance and capital projects by utilizing the Digital Facility as the source for true existing conditions.

Engineering and Design
Digital Facility provides a single source of accurate 3D as–built conditions. The Digital Facility is accessible to all stakeholders for engineering, design, construction planning and fabrication verification.

Major Capital Projects
Extract portions of the Digital Facility to generate contractor/supplier specifications, enable verification at fabricator before shipment and confirm installation fit before the outage.

Outage Planning and Scheduling
Optimize task schedule and sequencing by using actual containment configurations. Better determine crew size, craft, material, equipment, staging resources and service allocations. Supports development of master task schedule and outage management tools.

Health Physics
Improve ALARA by reducing or eliminating entries into an RCA to confirm as-built conditions or measurements. Tag and display radiological survey information within the Digital Facility for use during project planning and HP briefings.

Safety Training, Emergency Planning
With Quantapoint’s color scanning technology, the Digital Facility provides 3D realistic views of the environment which can be used to evaluate and develop safety procedures and emergency plans. Contractors and other personnel not familiar with facility are able to virtually walk through the plant and explore their work area prior to entering the facility.

Work Management
Planners and Project Managers can use the Digital Facility to coordinate tasks during an outage. Volumes within the Digital Facility can be called out as occupied or unavailable during certain stages or modes of an outage – allowing users to visually confirm work plans and adjustments.