Solutions and Technology

Quantapoint’s award-winning technology is the result of more than 20 years of development in the field of 3D imaging. While much of the marketplace considers laser scanning an extension of traditional survey, it has its roots in robotic-vision and was designed as a large area, high-resolution imaging technology with properties that can be exploited far beyond representation of simple points.

Quantapoint has developed an abstraction to raw coordinate point data called the Digital FacilityTM which forms the core of our software and service offerings. The Digital Facility is a middleware between the hardware specific, point cloud data and the application level software programs such as CAD. The Digital Facility processor converts raw laser scan points into efficient data structures we call Laser Images and Laser Models. These ‘viewports’ into the raw data enable easy use for a human operator while exploiting 3D imaging capabilities to enable advanced rendering and visualization. The raw point data remains accessible for processing algorithms while human operators become more efficient and do not have to cope with the rendering limitations of point cloud data.

The Digital Facility additionally contains a database which manages registration information, data segmentation, design clashes, distance and feature measurements, and includes capabilities for tagging and searching physical assets.

The Digital Facility processor supports open data standards, can convert most vendor data formats into the Digital Facility representation, and is designed to be integrated with existing design tools, business processes, and management information systems. Our goal is to improve capital efficiency, decision-making and safety for building, managing and upgrading capital assets.

Quantapoint applies the Digital Facility technology to large facility markets where we provide data collection services, software, and value added consulting to improve the capital efficiency of all portions of the facility lifecycle.

Quantapoint has been issued the following U.S. patents:

  • Laser scan hardware:  6,034,803, 6,373,612, 6,906,837, 7,365,891.
  • Laser scan registration:  7,180,072.
  • Extracting dimensional information from a laser scan image:  6,922,234.
  • Conversion of laser scan data into floor plans:  6,446,030, 7,127,378.