Add Value

Quantapoint has developed an application solutions department that can help any of our clients achieve additional value from the Digital Facility. Our services range from training to drafting to custom application development depending upon the goals of the client or project.

Quantapoint training services include all aspects of using Quantapoint software tools and development of project specific work processes when appropriate to enable teams to generate the highest return on investment possible.

Quantapoint drafting and modeling services run the gamut from P&ID development for existing process facilities to BIM development using Revit for architecture applications. We maintain an operations facility in Pittsburgh, PA staffed with degreed CAD personnel experienced in document production from laser scan data. We routinely provide assistance in the process industries with replacement-in-kind drawings, fabrication verification, P&ID creation, quality assurance, tie point extraction, plot plans, and vessel drawings. We provide the architecture industry with background schematics, 3D models, and BIM development services.

Quantapoint application development services can customize our core software products to meet specific client specifications for large project needs. These services are provided on a project basis and provide specific functionality as needed to maximize use and value of the Digital Facility.