Fabrication Verification

The creation of a clash free, error free design will still leave a project open to considerable risk unless the fabricated parts match the design intent. If newly fabricated components do not fit, ongoing work may be delayed and rework may be required. The sooner these issues are identified the better.

Using laser scanning, Quantapoint can identify fabrication errors, allowing variations from design to be easily detected and visualized.

In a fabrication verification process, spool pieces are digitized in the fabrication or laydown yards. They are compared to the design intent to be sure that they will fit properly. Blunders and missing connections can be quickly found and efficiently addressed before the parts are ever shipped.

Quantapoint can provide reports which verify individual spool pieces or entire lines. Flange center, bolt rotation, flange skew and critical design lengths can all be identified. Moreover, a full set of fabricated spools, valves, fittings and gaskets can be shown to mount together and fit within the assembly tolerances of the tie point coordinates.

This fabrication verification process is extremely valuable for offshore platforms and is becoming commonly used in refineries and other onshore facilities as well. By verifying fabricated items match design, Quantapoint clients have been able to reduce field fit-up welds and eliminate fabrication clashes saving time and money.