Front End Design

Front End planning and design is a natural application of the Digital Facility. Using a digitized facility model, the best in class existing plant designs can be leveraged toward the design of new facilities regardless of their location around the world. The high resolution digital plant model enables process designers to generate new plot plans and perform process optimization using the existing facility as a detailed template.

On some occasions the new facility or plant may be intended to be an exact copy of an existing unit, in which case the lessons learned through years of debottlenecking and optimizations are immediately available to a new crop of design engineers. However, if an existing plant is being used purely as a reference, then the Digital Facility can be used as a helpful background, providing guidance to the design. In both cases the efficiency of the front end design process is improved significantly and the project risk is reduced.

An additional benefit of applying the Digital Facility to the Front End process is a considerable cost reduction to the operating company as the digital model can also be used by the EPC contracted for the Deatiled Design phase of the project.