Inspection Compliance

The Digital Facility is an ideal solution for organizations trying to comply with complex regulatory and safety requirements. It provides a very powerful management tool to improve the efficiency of the maintenance and inspection functions. It provides an intuitive and easy to use system for placing and recovering inspection locations and other facility information.

For example, the Digital Facility can serve as the basis for integrity-critical documentation in a corrosion inspection program. Inspection locations can be reliably linked back to the Corrosion Monitoring Locations (CMLs). Geospatial locations in the plant can be dynamically linked with the CML locations. Facility assets can be virtually tagged with important information and referenced in the desktop rendering of the facility.

The Quantapoint Digital Facility is being used to improve the efficiency of inspection and compliance programs. The traditional methods of developing new Piping and Inspection Diagrams (P&IDs), setting CMLs, and tracking the corrosion database are being set aside in favor of a Digital Facility approach.

Development of piping equipment strategies employs circuit analysis which requires accurate and complete Piping and Inspection Diagrams. Yet P&IDs may not be sufficient for the task and existing inspection isometrics may be out of date. P&IDs can be created and updated from the Digital Facility database – or the need for 2D inspection isometrics may be eliminated entirely. In some cases, a whole class of paper documents can be eliminated in favor of the 3D model.