Model Based Maintenance

Quantapoint’s Digital Facility is a digital representation of a physical facility. It allows the operator of the facility to view key information about the facility from the desktop. Asset properties – from the locations of isolation valves and safety equipment to the complete routing of pipe circuits – can be tagged in the Digital Facility. Facility operators can plan maintenance activities based upon the 3D model and its information.

When making changes to existing plant and equipment, the Digital Facility serves as a reference to verify proposed designs before fabrication and construction. Comparing CAD design models with the 3D Laser Models of the Digital Facility is an effective way to find issues before fabrication. Once created, the new parts can be captured so that variations from design can also be quickly visualized and missing connections can be detected.

By accessing more current as-built documentation, facility operators are able to better support maintenance, operations and design activities, and improve reliability information for regulatory compliance.

With model based maintenance, facility operators are able to:

  • Access more complete and facility current information
  • Improve regulatory compliance and reliability information
  • Plan more efficient maintenance activities without field trips, and
  • Effectively update as-built documentation following projects

Quantapoint employs an experienced team of specialists using proven work processes to create more complete and current as-built documentation. This provides the information that many facilities need for maintenance, regulatory, engineering and operational needs.