Outage Planning

Nuclear power plants face a number of challenges that can impact emergency preparedness or performance and dose during outages. These are often due to inaccurate or incomplete facility as-built documentation, causing issues during emergency situations, project execution or regulatory compliance actions. Outage planning and scheduling is a complex process to organize, prepare for and manage thousands of work tasks with a commitment to all safety procedures and ALARA.

With today’s powerful scheduling tools, resource and capabilities constraints are factored in while the best schedules and task mix are still heuristically derived. All these depend on the accurate spatial knowledge of Containment to address issues of access, removal, installation, interference, congestion, health and safety, radiation exposure.

The 3D Digital Facility is the ideal planning tool to fully evaluate numerous, multiple and overlapping task executions for achieving the most cost-effective and efficient outage, safely, in the shortest elapsed time.

  • Will it fit?
  • Is there interference in the pathway?
  • Will the installation team have access?
  • Is there room to get another crew inside working?

The Digital Facility for nuclear containment is available to all those who need it – in high-resolution accuracy and vivid color. With it, the Outage Planning process can be more effective and disciplined in developing optimal schedules based on complex requirements.