Turnaround Support

Turnaround projects run with tight schedules. They require that a large number of items all happen sequentially and according to plan. The Quantapoint Digital Facility significantly reduces dimensional uncertainty in engineering and design and so greatly reduces project risk for turnarounds.

If pipes are not fabricated according to design, rework may be required. If construction drawings are not correct, work may be delayed and an entire turnaround schedule could be compromised. These issues and others can be addressed through the use of a Digital Facility.

Using the Digital Facility, the construction drawings can be adjusted to fit the existing conditions and the isometric is updated or recreated. Verifying fabrication drawings against Digital Facility can locate errors before construction. Using the Digital Facility can help minimize the turnaround schedule and reduce costs associated with field rework.

In fact, the work of an entire turnaround can be planned and visualized in the virtual model. Before the event begins, engineers can review tie-in locations, confirm design drawings, verify fabrication, and visualize construction.

Increase production, minimize issues and decrease turnaround schedules by utilizing the Digital Facility.