At the core of Quantapoint’s solutions is patented 3D imaging technology specifically developed to support large area digitization of man-built structures. Our capture technology portfolio includes the invention of 360 degree laser scanning, registration from targets, and a variety of work processes that enable high resolution digitization of buildings and facilities to the tolerances required for design and construction activities.

For many years Quantapoint designed and built its own 3D cameras to support its service business. However, with the recent market introduction of several high quality 3D imaging cameras (such as the FARO line of laser scanners) we have adopted the use of commercially available hardware and support all standard formats in our Digital Facility processor.

At the core of Quantapoint’s data capture services is: our registration technology, our approach to digitization of facilities, and our experience. Our patented registration technology enables laser scan registration to be performed simultaneous with data capture and without secondary survey of all registration targets. Our corporate history in 3D imaging leads us to approach data collection as a digitization problem resulting in high resolution fit-for-purpose digital models. Our 15 years of delivering data collection services across over 2,000 projects has generated a depth of experience from which we can guide clients to cost effective solutions and avoid mistakes common to new entrants to the field.