Data Capture Hardware

Quantapoint digitizes facilities using 3D data capture hardware. For most applications we employ 3D laser cameras – often called laser scanners – to provide high speed, high resolution digital sampling of man-built environments.

Quantapoint was a pioneer in the development of these large area 3D data capture devices and our internally manufactured SceneModeler camera series was the mainstay of our data capture services for more than a decade.

More recently, we have migrated to commercially available 3D laser cameras such as the FARO Photon and FARO Focus, and we have committed ourselves to open data standards to enable data reuse as much as possible. With our adoption of the FARO Focus we can offer color data capture in addition to standard grayscale laser intensity images.

Quantapoint additionally employs total stations (such as the Leica TPS-1200) on a regular basis to provide tie-ins to facility coordinate systems, laser trackers for high accuracy applications, and even coordinate measurement systems such as the FARO arm for unusual measurement applications in process facilities.