Data Registration

Facility data begins with the capturing of millions of distinct measurements. This data capture is centered on the location of the laser scanner or other digitizing device used to collect the measurements. Because each measuring point is independent, a group of measurements from one location have to be connected to data captured at other locations in the same facility. Targets are placed around the facility to create fixed reference points for the data collection. These points are then used to combine and “register” disparate data into a unified set.

Quantapoint uses a unique procedure to register data. Our method is reliable, repeatable, and provides a level of accuracy and quality control not available in other methods. During field data collection, captured data is registered into a single network. Our custom software enables the registration of laser scans in the field without survey. This data registration methodology increases data collection and turnaround speed, eliminates errors, and provides a statistically calculated registration quality. In addition Quantapoint’s patented registration process helps ensure network quality.

Once captured data is registered together, it becomes a seamless, integrated, coordinate database that digitally represents the physical facility – the Digital Facility.