Floating Structure Solutions

Floating structures create demanding environments for capturing data. Offshore platforms and Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels are large, complex operating facilities which cannot be easily shut down and which are constantly moving and changing shape. They present special challenges to typical data capture methods.

Quantapoint has developed a rigorous mathematical formulation that enables robust data capture even with no fixed gravity reference. This means that Quantapoint can minimize the effect of vessel movements and accurately capture data even as a floating structure shifts and sags.

An FPSO is particularly difficult to properly document because it is not a rigid structure. The FPSO changes shape with loading and sea conditions so there is no way to conduct a typical dimensional survey. Quantapoint patented technology addresses these limitations and has been proven in use with multiple vessels. Digital Facility models of floating structures are being used for refit, replacement in kind, debottlenecking, and other projects.