Facility information derives its greatest value when it is distributed across as many operational departments as possible. The Quantapoint Digital Facility is designed to be shared and reused across multiple departments and project disciplines to generate the largest possible value for the facility owner.

A single instantiation of the Digital Facility can be accessed and viewed by any number of users through the free PRISM Explorer viewer software. Additional database and measurement functionality can be layered on for project teams through use of PRISM 3D. Designers, construction planners, turnaround teams, and other more advanced users can access the full Digital Facility within their native 3D design tools through use of the QuantaCAD plug-in.

Additional sharing of data across the facility and enterprise can be accomplished through use of the Digital Facility tagging database which enables the insertion of a variety of context specific attributed tags that can connect legacy information from engineering, inspection, or asset management data sources to the digital model of the facility. The database standard is SQL-LITE which is distributed without the cost of a database server and the output formats are open to any 3rd party that wants to provide integration tools to enable new data management applications.