Digital Facility

The Quantapoint Digital Facility is true as-built documentation. It provides a complete 3D rendering without time consuming, expensive, and inherently inaccurate remodeling in CAD. The Digital Facility more accurately reflects existing facility conditions such as deflection, settling, bent structures, and other “real world” oddities.

The Digital Facility can be used as a reference in making technical assessments and as an information framework to make business decisions. When combined with defined work processes, the Digital Facility reduces dimensional uncertainty in all aspects of the facility lifecycle – from engineering design and fabrication to maintenance and compliance.

The Digital Facility supports open standards. It is designed to be integrated with existing design tools, business processes, and management information systems.

A facility is digitized using 3D imaging technologies to create the Digital Facility. Through the capture and registration of thousands of individual 3D measurements a single, integrated database is formed. The process was developed by Quantapoint and has been used to improve the performance of capital projects, maintenance, operations, inspection, turnarounds, and the creation of as-built documentation in dozens of facilities around the world.