Software Solutions

Quantapoint has developed application software which enables the Digital Facility to be accessed by a human operator through intuitive and easily learned user interfaces.

PRISM 3D Explorer: This free standalone viewer allows viewing and measuring of the Digital Facility. It enables even the most 3D challenged user to easily understand and explore the facility and add value to their work process. This software is available as a download. Contact Quantapoint Customer Support if you need a password.

PRISM 3D: A standalone software application which enables viewing, measuring, tagging, segmentation, and 3D CAD import into the Digital Facility. This software combines Laser Images and Laser Models into a single interface along with tool sets that create value for designers, owners, operators, and administrative personnel.

QuantaCAD: A plug-in available for the most popular computer aided design (CAD) applications which enables engineers and architects to directly use the Digital Facility within the native CAD domain. This application includes all of the measurements, clash detection capability, and demolition functions available in PRISM 3D.